• What is mBip?

    mBip is an intelligent and intuitive financial management solution. It handles the entire gamut of money making it simple, easy and organised for both the employees and the employers.

  • The way corporates manage their finances had remained the same for decades. Let’s take Expense management workflow for example: From recording of expenses to accounting them was slow-moving and inefficient.

    • Business expenses remained unmonitored.
    • Employees’ wasted hours creating expense reports, manually.
    • Management has no idea about how their money is being spent.
    • Accountants spend days reconciling stacks of paper receipts and spreadsheets.

    So, mBip has reinvented not only the expense workflow helping to overcome all shortcomings but also offers a complete solution for both your professional and personal finances.

    Hence we cover it all!!From periodic bill payments, timely reminders, cutting down on all the unnecessary paper work “mBip”empowers both the employee and employer a complete control of their finances in a systematic way.

  • It gives both the employees and employers complete control over their finances, helps in saving time and enhancing efficiency. All levels benefit be it the CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Managers and executives also it is equally beneficial for the Auditors, Accounting and Finance teams too!

  • We serve all industries and verticals. Any kind of finances will require us!
    What sets mBip apart from other money management solutions?
    mBip is different and unique from the existing players as it covers both professional and personal finances. It is easy to use, cost effective and covers it all. It helps businesses save substantial time and cost!